At Wiseguy Original, we're all about creating premium Leather Suspenders with a personal touch. That's why we handcraft each pair from the finest top-grain leather hides with care and precision. With the passage of time, these suspenders only become more beautiful. Since each pair is handmade and unique, the leather may show some natural imperfections such as scratches and markings. These imperfections, however, only add to the character and lively patina of the leather, and give our suspenders that true Wiseguy feel.

Our Leather Suspenders are available in a wide range of styles and widths, making them the ideal choice for any occasion. With their premium materials, and exceptional craftsmanship, they are sure to become your new go-to outfit addition.



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Crazy Horse Brown Slim Suspenders No. L2010 Crazy Horse: Genuine Nubuck Dark Brown men's Leather Suspenders 1 inch - Wiseguy Suspenders
Crazy Horse Camel Brown Slim Suspenders No. L2010 Crazy Horse Camel Brown Slim Suspenders No. L2010
Crazy Horse Black Slim Suspenders No. L2010 Crazy Horse Black Slim Suspenders No. L2010
Crazy Horse Burgundy Slim Suspenders No. L2010 Crazy Horse Burgundy Slim Suspenders No. L2010
Crazy Horse Brown Wide Suspenders No. L2011 Crazy Horse 1.3 inch Wide Dark Brown Genuine Nubuck Leather Suspenders - Wiseguy Suspenders
Crazy Horse
Brown Wide Suspenders
No. L2011
Sale priceFrom £106.39
Billy the Kid - Dark Brown Leather Suspenders, 1.3 inch with Hooks - Wiseguy Suspenders Billy the Kid - Dark Brown Leather Suspenders, 1.3 inch with Hooks - Wiseguy Suspenders
Billy the Kid
Brown Wide Suspenders
No. L1010
Sale priceFrom £106.39
Italian Job Black Skinny Suspenders No. L7010 Italian Job Black Skinny Suspenders No. L7010

See also our Leather Flex Suspenders collection

Our evergreen collection is the Crazy Horse. These come in all leather or as Flex series which have the elastic back strap for maximum comfort. The Billy the Kid has sliders instead of studs. These also come in all leather or with the Flex back strap.

Our Leather Trouser Braces and Leather Men’s Suspenders are Fused with Style and Functionality

All leather suspenders are generally described as:

“a pair of straps crossing one’s shoulder and extending down to one’s trousers. A clip or button arrangement secures the straps to the trousers ensuring that they will not fall off.”

While leather suspenders for men were originally designed purely for functionality, men of all ages now buy leather suspenders to make a fashion statement too. Wiseguy leather suspenders have been constructed with both in mind, fusing style and functionality together. The term "suspenders" encompasses several products, but not all leather suspenders are created equally. In the US, you’ll find that the difference between leather suspenders and leather braces lies in the way they are fastened to men’s trousers, using either a clip or button attachment. Leather suspenders are referred to as those that fasten with a clip. Leather braces are those that fasten with leather or cloth strips and buttons. Confusion can also be sparked by location, Brits will often use the term leather braces regardless of how they fasten to trousers; whereas other countries only know braces as being made of metal and used primarily in dental offices.

For the modern man, you need not concern yourself with terminology. Wiseguy leather suspenders are sold with classic clip attachments as standard; with the option to add leather loop attachments. The loop set contains handmade loops for your leather suspenders; six sew in button, hammer-on buttons as well as needle and thread. This means that all leather suspenders from Wiseguy have attachments that can be changed to suit your look from one day to the next. Clip attachments on leather suspenders are the fast and functional option. These men are on the go, are at the top of their fashion game and have places to be. Leather suspenders that attach with buttons and loops are for gentlemen that know style and class take time, and can’t be rushed.

Wiseguy Suspenders are the Industry Leaders in Leather Braces for Men Across the USA

Wiseguy Suspenders cater for all types of men, and how you choose to attach your leather suspenders to your trousers is of course up to. But one decision you won’t have to make is where to buy leather suspenders online. Wiseguys Suspenders are sure to be an industry leader in supplying men with leather suspenders. The quality and craftsmanship you’ll receive from Wiseguys suspenders are far superior to cheaper and mass-produced products.

Wiseguys make the choice easy, with their range of leather suspenders, made from high-quality leather in a range of classic colors and your choice of two widths. Their men's suspenders come in both 1” and 1.36” depending on what you require. Thicker mens suspenders in show-stopping colors will catch attention, while thinner men's suspenders in muted tones will cruise under the radar like stealth leather strips of cool.

Confidence in the product is one thing, but being able to buy mens suspenders online with ease is quite another. The Wiseguys website and online store is easy to navigate, and the secure checkout process is a breeze. Your leather suspenders will be shipped in style within just 3-6 business days, at no cost to you.

Real Leather Suspenders for Men Available in Black, Brown and Tan Colored Leather

Leather suspenders made by the team at Wiseguy have become synonymous with style and sophistication. Their range of leather suspenders for men incorporates the refinement of old-world charm with a fresh modern take on the classic leather suspenders.

Leather suspenders from Wiseguy are constructed with real USA nubuck bovine leather and in range of colors including tan leather, brown leather, and of course classic black leather.

These colors are timeless, and the leather suspenders you choose with easily coordinate with existing pieces in your closet.

For those wanting to add additional flair and personality to your clothing, you can add to your classic leather collection with fun prints and bright colors that can be found in our range of elastic men’s suspenders

Wiseguy handmade leather suspenders are exactly that, handmade. If you can't find your perfect pair of mens leather suspenders online, reach out to the team to create a custom request.

Leather Suspenders and Leather Braces Vs. Belts

Why choose leather suspenders over the common belt? Here are 5 reasons to make the switch to Wiseguy’s range of real leather braces and suspenders.

1 .Leather Suspenders are more comfortable – Traditional belts need to be firm and tight to be effective. Leather suspenders for men allow you to literally take the pressure of your waistline. Not only that, but Wiseguy suspenders for men are fully adjustable for men of all sizes.

2. Leather Suspenders are slimming – Whilst belts can cinch your waist and cause the dreaded muffin top, yes men get them too! But not with leather suspenders for men. Suspenders will hold your trousers up without causing problems with any excess girth you might be carrying.

3. Leather Suspenders give you more fashion options – Standard belts that you might have in your closet probably extend to tan leather and black leather right? While the range of leather suspenders come in similar colored leathers, you can opt for patterned and colored elastics to inject more personality into your wardrobe. Wiseguy Suspenders can even customize an entirely unique pair of suspenders just for you. In addition to color, be sure to check out the additional button attachments that you can purchase with your Wiseguy leather Suspenders

4. Leather Suspenders won’t crush your shirt – In addition to not cinching your waist after a big lunch, leather suspenders will not crush your shirt as a common belt will

5. Leather Suspenders can show who you are - Classic leather suspenders show that you take time to present yourself to the world. You care about the impression you make and want to be taken seriously. Leather suspenders for men have been around for well over a century, and real Wiseguy's wouldn’t be seen without them. Throughout history, leather suspenders have been a statement of class and refinement.

Think of a young Brando as Vito Corleone; can you imagine the Godfather looking as suave without his smooth suspender style? Would Gordon Gecko have been as powerful on Wall Street without rocking his signature mens suspenders? The Godfather and the Wolf of Wall street would choose leather suspenders over the common belt any day of the week, and now you can too.

Wearing Mens Black Leather Braces – Buy Online

If you’re new to the mens leather suspenders game you like to ease in with a pair of suspenders in classic black leather. Black leather suspenders will suit almost any attire, from plain white tees and busy shirts, to prints and colored shirts.

There will be no concern about mixing and matching your black leather suspenders with your clothing, as they will look cool and stylish with just about anything. Choosing a black leather option from Wiseguy's will be an investment in your style and a great way to begin your collection of men's suspenders. You’ll soon find yourself back on the Wiseguy Suspenders website looking for your next pair to grow your suspender collection.

Wiseguy has several options when purchasing their leather suspenders online; finding the handmade leather suspenders for you is just a few clicks away.

If you’re not 100% convinced you can rock the look of men's leather suspenders, well, you’d be wrong. But with Wiseguy’s 30 day money-back guarantee, don’t take our word for it. You can try your own pair of Wiseguy leather suspenders for no risk to your wallet, you really have everything to gain! Try Wiseguy’s quality handmade leather suspenders today.